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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tragedy To Triumph! Nee Nee Speaks

Faced with a situation that no pet parent would ever want to be in, Kim contacted me for help from her home in Canada.

Nee Nee, Kim's adored cat, was injured in a such a way that left Kim having to decide between amputating Nee Nee's leg or euthanasia. Kim's ultimate goal was to do whatever would be best for Nee Nee and this included understanding and taking into consideration what Nee Nee's feelings were about this.                                                                                                                           
However, before I could speak with Nee Nee, Kim was faced with having to make her decision sooner than she thought. 
Nee Nee Walks Post Surgery!

Kim decided to amputate Nee Nee's leg. What followed was a moving conversation with Nee Nee that was nothing short of inspiring:  

It's all about love. And hope. It's about going at it for the long-term. 

My mom did this. She didn't give up, she decided to do whatever it would take. I'm here because of her willingness to stick to it. I love her and she loves me. 

I just want to walk. Move. It's a gift to be able to do this. 
I'm healing. Mom has been very brave through all of this. This has been exhausting for both of us. I want to teach others to be brave. Have hope.

This is my time to teach. I have a certain wisdom gained fom all of this that I want to share with others. I see more fun in my future. This is not the end but a startI'd like to focus on that now. I'm moving quickly through this whole experience, faster than humans usually believe is possible. 

Nee Nee explains that humans often hold limitating views of the ability to heal both physically and emotionally, that can then actually slow down the healing process. 

Nee Nee says that she does not think in terms of what had happened to her and how difficult it would be to overcome this challenge but rather returning to doing all of the activities that she loved. She makes clear that there are no thoughts of what she cannot do. 

Inspiring words from Nee Nee that I know I have taken to heart! 

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Friday, August 4, 2017

How You Can Change The Planet With Animals (& Bonus Friday 20/15/10% Flash Offer)!

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Most dedicated animal lovers find themselves challenged at some point. Stressed by the desire to want only the best for our animal family members but feeling alone because they can't find any answers due to behavioral, health or emotional issues that their beloved pet is experiencing.

I have known this pair of gorgeous Malamute dogs for a little over a year through our distance animal communication sessions. What dog lover wouldn't fall in love with these two!

Anteros and Gaia, however, have had their struggles. Gaia came into the home after Anteros. While Anteros loves his sister, he has had some issues with wanting to dominate Gaia. This has caused some stress for their incredibly dedicated and loving human, Monique. 

Anteros' behaviors seemed to have escalated recently. For example, he showed some aggression towards Gaia, getting possessive over a rabbit in the distance. Monique made the connection between his change in personality to a recently prescribed medication. The medication was discontinued.  

After going through many steps resulting in frustration, Monique contacted me.  While communicating with Anteros, he showed me that when he was on that medication his head was "spinning." When I relayed this information to Monique, she exclaimed, "I just said to a friend yesterday that I felt like his head was 'spinning' when he was on the medication." At this point Anteros is still seeking treatment for his hypothyroidism and I have referred her to a fantastic holistic provider that I have had great results with myself.

These are the words of Monique following our recent session,  "I love you. With you it's not about the money. I swear by you. You are the best person, the best communicator. I tell everyone about you. You have given me hope."  The ability to provide the kind of support that returns this kind of response from pet parents is the reason I am so passionate about what I do.

The point of this story, is that more often than not, pet parents are already communicating with their animals. It is usually lack of knowledge and confidence that keeps people from knowing that they are actually communicating. Imagine what could be done if everyone honed these God given skills. Think about how different the world would be if humans as a whole understood first hand. Now scale that thought down. Imagine the impact it would make in the life of our pets, if it were the norm to have their thoughts and feelings understood.

You see, I have been in your shoes. I've been worried about everything from behavioral problems to health issues with my animals and being able to experience strong communication with them has been one of  the biggest blessings of my life. That's why I am dedicated to sharing the techniques of animal communication with students. It's wonderful to be able to reach out and call someone to assist but even better when you don't have to wait for an appointment. Being able to communicate with animals is something that I believe everyone can do and should be doing if you want to experience a full relationship with your animal family member.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Pleasant Way To Protect Out Pets!

Little did I know that ten years ago, when I was introduced for the first time to a natural method of support during times of stress, that I had found a way to protect my animals from harm.

That's when I was guided intuitively to attend a talk given by a very knowledgeable naturopathic doctor who suggested that I try essential oils for system support.

One particularly dfficult day, I grabbed a bottle of lavender essential oil and used it as instructed but didn't think much about it. When I found myself smiling and laughing with a friend a few minutes later, it dawned on me how much the oil had shifted my energy. I was much more relaxed and wasn't thinking about anything except the enjoyable conversation I was having.

That led me to explore using essential oils to help not only myself but also my highly-sensitive dog, Meesha. Anything and everything could stress her...fireworks were the worst. Desperate to help Meesha, I was excited to learn that I could use the same oils for her that I was using for myself!

At that time, I was also becoming educated about how the toxins in our environment effect our animals. I was alarmed at how many toxins we are exposed to in a given day. When I learned about how our pets soak up harsh chemicals through their paws, even licking those chemicals and ingesting them, I became committed to finding a way to live a toxin free lifestyle for my animals. When I discovered I could actually use the same oils that helped me so much during stressful situations, not only for emotional support but also to free my home of toxins, I was thrilled!

The education that I have given myself through extensive research on the amount of toxins in household cleaning products, personal care products (the average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body a day, 80 before breakfast) and more, has forced me to find another way to live.

My passion is to help people and their pets. That's why I am excited to host this free online class Essential Oils 101, Tuesday August 1 at 7:30PM EST. Join us and learn more - or just come for the chance to win an essential oil giveaway!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Horse Healing Wisdom

Jack, a 14-year-old chestnut gelding, helped his human heal after a traumatic car accident. Jack explained to me in a recent animal communication session how horses provide healing for humans.

Jack explained to me how there is an amazing connection between horses and humans. Humans actually ride horses which they do with very few other species. Jack emphasized that even without riding, how comforted many humans feel when in the presence of a horse.

Humans see and feel the immense power of horses, which produces a certain reverence for them. This helps humans to let go of their egos in our presence. In doing so, we provide a means for humans to get out of their heads. Humans feel how good this is and want to do it more which is good for people and the earth. 

Jack brings me to my own heart and sends me the sound of him galloping. He reveals how the sound of horse hooves striking the ground soothe the human heart. Just hearing these beats I can feel my connection to the earth. A beautiful gift providing reprieve in this hectic world. 

Jack reminds me that when living in a "domesticated" setting, horses are still also, "wild at heart." Many humans live in such a way that they are disconnected from the natural world but they connect with this part of us and "borrow" this energy; this is freeing on a soul level. 

Jack closes by with what he tells me is the most important aspect of the human-horse connection. He helps me to understand that humans desire to be more connected and to listen to what God is telling them through nature, but can find it challenging, again due to our own businesses and egos. Connecting with horse energy provides a heart opening to this relationship with God. Humans crave this, even if they do not realize it on a conscious level and God works through horses for this purpose.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coco's Distance Tale Of Wellness!

What is an energy session? An energy session involves me using my training to intentionally clear certain blocks either in person or at a distance for a human or an animal. This is possible to do hen at a distance simply because energy travels and can remain intact without resistance. Using my ability to connect as I do in a distance animal communication session, I can work on clearing certain blocks and balancing Chakras, otherwise known as energy centers.

During an animal communication and then a distance energy session, I connected with Coco, a 5 year old beagle mix. Coco's human, Janet, was concerned about her emotional wellness after some recent changes in her life.  I connected with Coco to find out where we needed to focus.  I felt her coughing and throat irritation and focused energy clearing to this area. This was followed up by her directing me towards her left back paw. I helped to clear some energetic stagnation there, as well as an energetic block in her solar plexus region. 

Coco's mom states, "This all resonates with me. This morning around 7:30 am, she got up and gagged and spit up a bit. Sometimes she sounds hoarse and I have been curious about this.  Last week her allergies really flared up and she was chewing and gnawing at her back paws.  It was awful.  I am grateful for all the clearing you gave her and for the support and guidance and for the continued healing. Our session together was "awesome! I look forward to connecting again in the future.  I feel she will benefit from additional sessions. Coco really gifted me with her wisdom and guidance. She opened up at such a deep level. It was so beautiful."   

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

An Embarrassing Reminder!

Even as a professional in my field I sometimes make mistakes with my animals. Little things that may seem inconsequential may mean the world to our animal family members. 

After a fun gathering with friends I looked back at some photographs and to my surprise saw this.......

Amused to see the look of joy on my face in drastic contrast to that of my dog Cheyenne
(I think the picture says it all) I was also a bit surprised.

My passion and calling is to give animals a voice. The most important aspect of that is to be in tune with how they are feeling and what they are thinking on a deep level. Before any of that can be achieved, we must be intentional about wanting that level of understanding about our animals.

Often, people feel that they are meeting the emotional needs of their animals because they love their pets and treat them well. However, as in the case of an adopted Border Collie named Ryan, I was told that although he feels well cared for and loved by his family, he has not fully integrated the belief that he is staying in his current home. His adoptive family expressed that they would never get rid of Ryan but it took my experience and skills to pick up on Ryan's uncertainty. As a result of our session, Ryan's symptoms of anxiety dissipated. 

So why was Cheyenne not enjoying the party?  Cheyenne does not like being held. However, she had jumped up on my lap because she was feeling anxious with some new guests in our home. Granted, this was a split second moment that was over very fast.  No damage done.

But over the long haul it is paramount to our animal's happiness and well-being to take the time to truly listen to their thoughts and feelings. This added extra effort is always what animals tell me they are incredibly grateful for.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nutrition Edition (Part 3 In Series)

If you are like me (and most likely you are or you wouldn't be reading this) we want to provide everything we can to extend the life of our animal family members as long as possible.  I do care about how your animals are feeling and therefore, I am sharing about a topic that comes up frequently in my consultations. 

One of top questions that people have about their pets is how their food is affecting them.
I  often sense that animals are craving what is referred to as "genetically appropriate" or "species specific food". For example, most cats and dogs that I consult on are seeking protein rich diets.

Animals with diets that rely heavily on dry kibble tend to express a "craving" for meat protein.  Animals expressing this desire for meat are often also experiencing health and/or emotional issues, sometimes even leading to behavioral problems. These issues can range anywhere from more minor matters to serious problems. 

It seems as though almost on a weekly basis, I receive another notice about contaminated pet food. This is one of the many reasons that I prefer to feed my animals primarily raw based diets. There are many forms of these diets as well as pre-packaged raw foods available at many pet stores. For more information about feeding a raw based diet this is a great place to start!:

Dr. Susan Klein is a veterinarian specializing in the field of nutrigenics and a proponent of species specific diets. Nutrigenics looks at how genetics and nutrition interact for an individual. Dr. Klein also refers people to animal communicators to assist in determining what might be impacting an animal's health. "What's happening with commercial pet food is it's sourced from ingredients unfit for human consumption, including the remains of '4D' animals — dead, dying, diseased, disabled," states Dr. Klein in this extremely informative interview!

I often see striking similarities between the health of animals and their pet parents. Animals often provide a mirror for people to recognize their own health problems. I have seen consistently that pet parents who choose to eat a healthy diet themselves frequently also feed their pets healthy choices and both are reaping the benefits. 

The above information is not intended to take the place of doing your own research as well as consulting with a veterinarian to find the right fit for your animal. I came to the decision to feed my animals a raw diet through extensive research, veterinarian consults, and good old fashion trial and error. The benefits of a healthy pet diet are not only a happier healthier pet, but you may prolong the life of your cherished family member.

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