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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coco's Distance Tale Of Wellness!

What is an energy session? An energy session involves me using my training to intentionally clear certain blocks either in person or at a distance for a human or an animal. This is possible to do hen at a distance simply because energy travels and can remain intact without resistance. Using my ability to connect as I do in a distance animal communication session, I can work on clearing certain blocks and balancing Chakras, otherwise known as energy centers.

During an animal communication and then a distance energy session, I connected with Coco, a 5 year old beagle mix. Coco's human, Janet, was concerned about her emotional wellness after some recent changes in her life.  I connected with Coco to find out where we needed to focus.  I felt her coughing and throat irritation and focused energy clearing to this area. This was followed up by her directing me towards her left back paw. I helped to clear some energetic stagnation there, as well as an energetic block in her solar plexus region. 

Coco's mom states, "This all resonates with me. This morning around 7:30 am, she got up and gagged and spit up a bit. Sometimes she sounds hoarse and I have been curious about this.  Last week her allergies really flared up and she was chewing and gnawing at her back paws.  It was awful.  I am grateful for all the clearing you gave her and for the support and guidance and for the continued healing. Our session together was "awesome! I look forward to connecting again in the future.  I feel she will benefit from additional sessions. Coco really gifted me with her wisdom and guidance. She opened up at such a deep level. It was so beautiful."   

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

An Embarrassing Reminder!

Even as a professional in my field I sometimes make mistakes with my animals. Little things that may seem inconsequential may mean the world to our animal family members. 

After a fun gathering with friends I looked back at some photographs and to my surprise saw this.......

Amused to see the look of joy on my face in drastic contrast to that of my dog Cheyenne
(I think the picture says it all) I was also a bit surprised.

My passion and calling is to give animals a voice. The most important aspect of that is to be in tune with how they are feeling and what they are thinking on a deep level. Before any of that can be achieved, we must be intentional about wanting that level of understanding about our animals.

Often, people feel that they are meeting the emotional needs of their animals because they love their pets and treat them well. However, as in the case of an adopted Border Collie named Ryan, I was told that although he feels well cared for and loved by his family, he has not fully integrated the belief that he is staying in his current home. His adoptive family expressed that they would never get rid of Ryan but it took my experience and skills to pick up on Ryan's uncertainty. As a result of our session, Ryan's symptoms of anxiety dissipated. 

So why was Cheyenne not enjoying the party?  Cheyenne does not like being held. However, she had jumped up on my lap because she was feeling anxious with some new guests in our home. Granted, this was a split second moment that was over very fast.  No damage done.

But over the long haul it is paramount to our animal's happiness and well-being to take the time to truly listen to their thoughts and feelings. This added extra effort is always what animals tell me they are incredibly grateful for.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nutrition Edition (Part 3 In Series)

If you are like me (and most likely you are or you wouldn't be reading this) we want to provide everything we can to extend the life of our animal family members as long as possible.  I do care about how your animals are feeling and therefore, I am sharing about a topic that comes up frequently in my consultations. 

One of top questions that people have about their pets is how their food is affecting them.
I  often sense that animals are craving what is referred to as "genetically appropriate" or "species specific food". For example, most cats and dogs that I consult on are seeking protein rich diets.

Animals with diets that rely heavily on dry kibble tend to express a "craving" for meat protein.  Animals expressing this desire for meat are often also experiencing health and/or emotional issues, sometimes even leading to behavioral problems. These issues can range anywhere from more minor matters to serious problems. 

It seems as though almost on a weekly basis, I receive another notice about contaminated pet food. This is one of the many reasons that I prefer to feed my animals primarily raw based diets. There are many forms of these diets as well as pre-packaged raw foods available at many pet stores. For more information about feeding a raw based diet this is a great place to start!:

Dr. Susan Klein is a veterinarian specializing in the field of nutrigenics and a proponent of species specific diets. Nutrigenics looks at how genetics and nutrition interact for an individual. Dr. Klein also refers people to animal communicators to assist in determining what might be impacting an animal's health. "What's happening with commercial pet food is it's sourced from ingredients unfit for human consumption, including the remains of '4D' animals — dead, dying, diseased, disabled," states Dr. Klein in this extremely informative interview!

I often see striking similarities between the health of animals and their pet parents. Animals often provide a mirror for people to recognize their own health problems. I have seen consistently that pet parents who choose to eat a healthy diet themselves frequently also feed their pets healthy choices and both are reaping the benefits. 

The above information is not intended to take the place of doing your own research as well as consulting with a veterinarian to find the right fit for your animal. I came to the decision to feed my animals a raw diet through extensive research, veterinarian consults, and good old fashion trial and error. The benefits of a healthy pet diet are not only a happier healthier pet, but you may prolong the life of your cherished family member.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Relationships - The Key Factor Many People Miss With Their Pets! (part 2 in series)

In the 1st of this 3 part series I talked about the importance of laying a foundation of harmony by providing yourself and your animals with a healthy, toxin-free environment both in your home, as well as in any products being used for home and body.

Relationships are up next!  As an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Healing Coach, this is an especially important topic to me. I am very sensitive to the emotions of others, both human and animal and it is a part of my life's work to hone in on what is helpful to improve the human-animal bond.

The key component that many people miss in creating a happy life for their animals is much less complicated than you might think....but many people miss it due to it's simplicity. It's not always coming up with an elaborate plan or making massive changes to help an animal.  It is often just giving your pet a chance to speak their mind. This is animal communication 101.  Animals just want to be heard.

A little self-disclosure here...I recently got married! It was a wonderful day and one of the multitude of blessings was that my dog, Cheyenne, was able to be at the wedding. At one point while our pastor was speaking about the uniting of two people in marriage, Cheyenne piped in loudly with a sort of "rrr-rrr-rrr," vocalization.  While this was adorable and made everybody laugh, she was emphatically saying, "Me too, me too. Do not leave me out of this!"  

I have been privileged to be a part of countless healing stories simply by facilitating a conversation between animal and human. Once an animal has felt that they have finally been heard, the healing can begin.

Take Mimi, an adopted Labrador Retriever I worked with many years ago. Mimi's family contacted me for their newest adopted dog but informed me that all of the behavioral issues around separation anxiety just seemed to have disappeared after our conversation with Mimi. During that conversation, Mimi had explained the source of her fears stemmed from her first human family abandoning her.  We had talked about the details of that experience and how she was being triggered now when her family left her in the house alone.

That isn't to say that all issues are resolved as fast as Mimi's. However, at the very least, being open to hearing what an animal is thinking and feeling, without limiting them, can result in impactful positive changes in your relationship with your pet.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Can I Share This Secret With You? 3 Part Series

Can I Share This Secret With You?

What I hear most from pet parents is the question, "is my pet happy?"  Honestly, most animals share the same concerns.

The top focal points for most animals are: How their loved ones are doing, their food, and the condition of their general living environments. This last one is often mentioned as needing some additional attention.

I am starting this series with physical environment because it is one of the most key factors to supporting our pets. Think of your home like you would an aquarium. Wouldn't you first take the time to make sure that everything from the PH level to the lighting were as optimal as possible before even purchasing the fish?

Setting up a home environment that is uplifting and supportive for your animal family member's (not to mention the human's) mind, body and spirit brings about happy, well-balanced, and usually healthier pets.

Eliminating as many products from our homes as possible that can throw off an animal's delicate system is one of the best things we can do to help support them. As the seasons change this is a great time to re-assess our living environments. For instance, using more animal friendly cleaning products. The negative impact of absorbing harmful floor cleaners through their paws is something that animals mention often in our sessions.

Creating a balanced home is so important to the life and longevity of our animal family members. Our pets are asking for this and don't we own it to them considering the immense love and joy they provide to us?

If you have questions about creating a healthier home environment, please let me know!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chy-Anne (On Camera Teamwork)!

The day before Cheyenne, my 3-year-old canine and I, were to appear on a local TV news show, I realized that I did not have an animal model to demonstrate how animal massage, energy work, animal communication and essential oils work. 

Cheyenne is not always a fan of completely foreign situations and I knew that being placed on a massage table (I usually do massages on the floor) with the bright lights of a television studio, might be a challenge for her. 

How did I prepare her for success? First I asked her if she was up for the job to which she assured me that she was.  I sensed Cheyenne's persistence, wanting to prove that she could do this, so that she could help me.

Prior to leaving home for the taping I used essential oils to support a calming environment in the car by dabbing some on a cotton ball and placing it in the fan vents. I also applied some diluted Lavender to the tips of her ears and my hands. I then provided some energy work and massage for calming and by the time the cameras were rolling, Cheyenne was ready to perform! I couldn't have been more proud of her.

Note: the 2nd show in this 2 part series on massage and energy work will be airing Saturday, April 15 all day at :50 past the hour.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Your Pet Will Thank You For This!

This is the time of year to start planning for your pet to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free........

Try Buzz Off!

What you will need:
          1. Cobalt Blue Bottles (we use the glass ones in the house and small 2 ounce plastic spray for going out) - best prices are
          You will need 1 ounce bottles with atomizer for traveling, walking, etc.  2 or 4 ounce bottles with atomizer for home/office/car.  For animals in heavily infested areas purchase the Cobalt Blue Boston Round Glass Bottle 1/2 oz w/ Dropper.  If it's a large dog just double everything. (large being over 60 lbs.)
          *Cats need a much more diluted version of just Purification and Lavender.

          2. Distilled water is best. (If you can't for some reason just make sure no chlorine, fluoride, etc.)

          3. From Young Living: Purification, Lavender (St. Marie's Lavender may be better for this purpose, however they are both effective) and Peppermint.

          4. For 1 ounce spray bottle:
               2 drops Peppermint
               2 drops Lavender
               4 drops Purification           
               5 drops Citronella
               Top it off with distilled water.

          Simply double the recipe for 2 ounces, and so forth.

          To label, have WEATHERPROOF labels. You can write on them or if you have a laser printer you can make beautiful labels.

          *Cats floral spray:

               4 ounce bottle:
               2 drops Lavender
               4 drops Purification
               Top it off with water.
          ½ ounce bottle with medicine dropper can be used to prepare a mix of equal amounts of Lavender and Peppermint and twice the amount of Purification. Fill it up. Drops can be placed on animals weighing 50 lbs or more between the shoulder blades.

          Frequency of spraying differs for all of us, you simply need to notice what works for you and your pets, same with undiluted blend.

Enjoy Buzz Off!

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